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Andhra Police seizes cannabis worth Rs 40 lakhs in two cases

Alluri (Andhra Pradesh): Andhra Pradesh Police on Wednesday seized cannabis worth rupees 40 lakhs, and a car in two separate cases in the area of Motugudem Police Station, Chintoor Circle, Alluri District.

The Assistant Superintendent of Police Rahul Meena revealed that the total amount of seized cannabis was around 40 lakhs.
In one of the cases, police seized around 550 kgs of ganja which was being transported from Motugudem to Morena, Madhya Pradesh in a van.

According to police, five persons from Madhya Pradesh named Amit Giri, Shiva Dayal Dore, Alok Gotham, Ranjit Mavai and Durgesh Goswami bought 550 kg of ganja from a person named Sanjeev from Odisha and loaded it in a forest on the outskirts of Motugudem village and transported it to Madhya Pradesh.

Gennu, Ranjith Mawai, Durgesh Goswami, and Sanjeev are absconding in this case.

Later on, police arrested the absconded person while transporting 250 kgs of ganja from Mangampadu to Hyderabad via Bhadrachalam in an Amaze car.

The police have arrested a man named Majji Venkat Sumanth.

ASP Rahul Meena revealed in a media conference in Chintur that many people rent out their cars to the cannabis transporters without knowing them and the ganja transporters hire the said vehicles with wrong information and use them for the transportation of ganja. 



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